Surveillance Tuberculosis Testing

Our Approach to Surveillance Tuberculosis Testing

OccMedCIC is able to perform venipuncture for Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA) tuberculosis blood tests. We partner with Oxford Laboratories to complete T-Spot tuberculosis blood testing. The IGRA blood test requires one appointment and the lab results are available between 2 and 5 days from the date of blood collection.

OccMedCIC can place and interpret tuberculosis skin tests. Tuberculosis skin tests require two appointments and can be read between 48-72 hours after the test was planted.

Positive Tuberculosis Skin Test Results

Positive tuberculosis skin tests and IGRA tests must be followed by a chest x-ray that evaluates the lungs for active tuberculosis infection. Patients who do not appear to have active, contagious tuberculosis may still be infected with tuberculosis mycobacteria. Given the absence of symptoms, the infection may be inactive, or dormant. Nevertheless, public health professionals recommend that this Class B Latent Tuberculosis be treated with antibacterial medication.

Massachusetts Department of Public Health will be notified of positive IGRA results.

Symptoms of Tuberculosis

  • Persistent cough (over three weeks)
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Ongoing fever or chills
  • Night sweats
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue

Please call to inquire about pricing and test requirements.

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