Immigration Physicals

OccMedCIC has a seasoned United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Civil Surgeon, John W. Burress MD, MPH, FACOEM.

What to Expect

Please do NOT fast before your appointment. Your appointment will involve: 

  • An interview with the Civil Surgeon to discuss your vaccinations and medical history
  • A brief physical exam
  • Blood and urine collection (please enjoy normal meals and drink water before your appointment)

Three tests for communicable diseases are required and included in the cost of the appointment. 

  1. Blood test for: syphilis (RPR) (15 years and older)
  2. Urine test for: gonorrhea and chlamydia (15 years and older)
  3. Blood test for: tuberculosis (5 years and older)

Paperwork timeline: Our office completes the i693 form for you to submit to the USCIS. One week from your appointment, you will receive lab results, a copy of the completed i693 form, and the sealed original. In order to complete the form, we must wait for the following: 

  • Test results to return from the lab (2 to 7 days). 
  • Proof of vaccination if you are missing vaccines and choose to get them elsewhere.
  • Exceptions to the one week timeline are often due to positive test results
    • ​if you have a positive IGRA T-Spot test for tuberculosis, you will then need to get a chest x-ray
    • if you have a positive GCC or RPR test, then you meet with the doctor and may require treatment.  ​

What to Bring

  • ​i693 form. Please fill out the first page and add your full name to the top of each page. Click here to find the i693 form. ​
  • Vaccination or Immunization record. Please click here for a complete list of vaccinations.  
  • Photo Identification (Government Issued)
    • Passport OR
    • United States Driver's License  
  • Payment by credit or debit card only
    • ​​we DO NOT accept insurance or cash
    • we offer an itemized receipt to facilitate reimbursement by insurance

Cost of the Exam

The exam cost includes required tests. 

  • Adults (15+): $460
  • Minors (2-14 years old): $375
  • Minors (under 2): $315

Our office can vaccinate. Additional costs for vaccines and blood tests can be discussed with the Civil Surgeon during your appointment.