About Us

OccMed Consulting and Injury Care, LLC has evolved into a premier service provider of clinical care and evaluation to employers in the greater Boston area including mission driven employers.

As an independent company, OccMedCIC offers a value proposition alternative approach to the entire care cycle of an injured worker in the hopes of overcoming deficiencies in a dated Massachusetts WC System. We leverage our independence to practice evidence informed occupational medicine that aspires to benchmark successful approaches nationally.  We emphasize impactful care up front to minimize lost time and improve experience modifier ratios. Our providers view transparent communication with key stakeholders (e.g., worker, steward, safety professional) as critical towards successful healing that restores function while minimizing confusion and unnecessary lost time. Our providers actively contribute to prevention efforts that reduce risk of future injury and improve the resiliency of the worker.

OccMedCIC has wonderfully experienced providers and efficient medical assistants; we aspire to consistently deliver high value service while performing requested evaluations.